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Become Magnetic Roadmap

This Roadmap has been designed to be your go-to tool when building your dream life and becoming your most magnetic self.

You know those people who radiate energy when they walk into a room, and you wonder, "How do they do that? Why are they so confident?" Let me tell you a secret, these people live from a place of authenticity and a deep sense of purpose. When you have a vision that aligns with your soul and a clear plan to realize it, that's when you become magnetic!

The "Become Magnetic Roadmap" is all about gaining clarity on your vision and the identity you need to create to achieve these dreams. When you do, anything is possible. This roadmap consists of step-by-step exercises and tools that I have used to meet my soulmate, attract a highly engaged community of people online, attract high-paying clients, create my online business, and so much more.

Yes, when you become clear on what you want and who you need to become, everything in your life changes, and this is your roadmap that will get you there.


Included in your investment:

  • 9-page Notion Template
  • 8 Video Mini course
  • CEO Mindset & Money Mindset Workbooks with Exercises
  • 5 Vision Board Canva Templates
  • Goal-setting Printable
  • Habit Trackers
  • Book Recommendations
  • SoulSyncing Meditation